The Old Coach Road – Ohakune, New Zealand

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The Old Coach Road is a local mountain bike trail in Ohakune, with a whole heap of un finished bridges, pitch black tunnels and pissed off parents – who got lured into the ride because ” it’s not even that hard”.

Old Coach Road Mountain Bike Trail                      Length: 3 – 4 Hours      Distance: 15KM

The Old Coach Road MTB track winds through paddocks, native New Zealand Forest, past industrial construction sites, tunnels and last but not least – private property.

Right in between Whanganui National Park and Tongariro National Park is a small town called Ohakune, or ‘Kooney’, if you want.

The trail, one of New Zealand’s Great Mountain Bike Rides, can be ridden from the train station at Ohakune through to Horopito, and vice versa, or both ways if you don’t realise at the start that its not actually a loop trail. Back you will go.

You will more than likely pass Mt. Whakapapa and Mount Ruapehu on your way out to the area, both very attractive mountains for alpine conditions throughout winter, also home to the Tongariro Crossing.

The Old Coach Road is one leg of the ”Mountain To Sea Cycle Trail” – a trail which has a distance of over 200km, and is estimated to take up to 3 – 5 days from start to finish, but i think it can be smashed out in a weekend.

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