Wolf Tooth Product Review

Wolf Tooth Components

Alright – What is it ?

Upgraded your frame and or fork? Don’t Want to buy a new wheel set?? Wolf Tooth Components has put together a non boost to boost spacing kit for almost all scenarios, which comes in a lot cheaper than out laying for a new wheel set and all other things non beneficial ( BOOST! ).

And What’s In It ??

The Kit includes a hub spacer to off set your brake rotor, bringing it closer to the brake caliper, where a boost hub would have it sit – and of course you need longer rotor bolts to be able to do this, which have also been provided. Hub cones, also spacers, will come with the kit and slip right onto your nominated hub axle to ensure your wheels fit as they should!


Go On – How Much ?!

For the price of half a dozen beers, you cant keep your non boost wheel set and swap them onto a boost spacing frame and or fork.

Seems A Bit Dodgy ….

The high tensile rotor bolts and lack of a direct mount (technically) are a bike shops only argument when trying to convince you its better to buy a new wheel set instead of spending your loose change buying this adapter kit.

Theory being that because there is so much force on a disc rotor, because it has been spaced out from the hub itself – albeit on a sold piece of steel, that the high tensile rotor bolts are more prone to sheering off than standard direct rotor mounting.

Solution : Use a light strength thread locker, and a proper fitting allen key to do those bolts up, and check they are still tight every full moon ( or there a bouts ), and you will have just saved yourself hundreds, if not thousands ( in the case of ENVE Rims ) on a brand new wheel set and running gear.

Positives around negative air chamber upgrades Rotorua – Ride From Home




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