Positives around negative air chamber upgrades

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It’s not far you have to look to find some positives about negative air chamber upgrades as far as the RockShox Yari – Pike and Lyrik are concerned.

Providing an alternative to RockShox bottomless tokens, are two products that allow you to continue honing your skills in trying to convince your mates that you are a suspension lord.

With an extra $200 – $300 – 10 spare minutes, a shock pump, cassette tool and adjustable shifter, it will be out with the now old, and in with the new.

MRP Provides a Plug And Play system in their ramp control unit, leaving the only adjustment once installed to be found via simply winding the Ramp Control to a more progressive or, you guessed it, less progressive setting.

This style of adjustment will suit those who ride a large variety or trails from easy trail roads, loamy root littered tracks, through to rock gardens with high impacts and drops – and everything either side of those.

Mid ride adjustment is made available with this system through not having to adjust any other air pressures – such as the SD Components response to the Ramp Control Unit.

SD Components – an Australian Company based up north in Brisbane, has released a product that turns a 2 stage air sprung fork [ positive and negative ] into a 3 stage air sprung fork [ Two positives and One Negative ]. Low to mid range damping is made adjustable thanks to this unit, with a relatively easy setup rule of thumb which can be found on the SD Components website, just don’t forget your shock pump when you go out riding!


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