Virtual Trail Ride // Trav’s Diamond

Watch You Yang’s Trail Network Here

Trav’s Diamond is a one way downhill trail with terrain taking you through natural wall rides in rock faces in between fast rocky sections, through man made rock gardens arguably designed to break your bike, as well as some well made and placed timber bridges and berms.


Trav’s Diamond is listed as Number 7 within the Stockyards mountain biking area at You Yangs MTB Park.

A short pedal from the entry to this trail will take you over the other side of the bike park into The Kurrajong Area, with some more forgiving and easy going trails.

The You Yangs MTB Inc or YYMI, associated with Parks Victoria and Geelong MTB Club or GMBC, are in charge of organizing and carrying out maintenance works which are listed on the groups Facebook page. You Yangs MTB Park is a facility found half an hour from Geelong, and around the same by car from Melbourne CBD.

Located on Little River Road in a suburb called Lara

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